PeopleSoft video overview - February 2023 - Safe O'Clock

PeopleSoft video overview – February 2023

June 2, 2023

PeopleSoft Now! Exciting New Features in Human Resources with Strategist Julie Alonso

Julie Alonso, Director of Product Strategy  for  PeopleSoft Human Resources sheds light on the main functional areas in PeopleSoft Human Resources, which is the most popular product in HCM Suite. The product is available in 23 countries with Human Resources being the biggest module. 

Julie makes an overview of the most noteworthy features implemented within the last 12 months – such as modernization of Job Data and Gender Identity and Expression features, and how customers are responding to them. She also talks about what aspects are currently in the works, highlighting in particular the modernization of Personal Data and data analytics in Job Data and Personal Data.

PeopleSoft Chat: What Customers in the Healthcare Industry are doing with PeopleSoft and the Cloud

Robbin Velayedam, host of the PeopleSoft Chat podcast, has a conversation with Ravi Inaganti, Director of Financial Systems, over the implementation of PeopleSoft in the healthcare sector.

Ravi talks about his unusual path to work with PeopleSoft, as well as past experience in the healthcare industry. Ravi and Robbin raise the question of how the pandemic has affected the issue of administration in the healthcare sector, as well as the automation of back office systems. The podcast also discusses investing in PeopleSoft and provides advice to clients who want to move to cloud solutions.

PeopleSoft Now! New Strategist Richa Dubey Talks Financials Innovation and Roadmap

After several years of working with competitive organizations, Richa Dubey,  PeopleSoft ERP Developer and Strategist, rejoined the PeopleSoft strategy team in 2022, ready to share the updated look at the line of financial products.

Now, she manages Product Strategy for Core Financials and is ready to talk about the most advanced features delivered to PeopleSoft customers in the last 12 months. Richa accentuates the Open Period Visualization feature in GL, allowing customers to have an overview on their entire org. The Match Exception Collaboration Workbench in AP allows AP users to work with exceptions in a comfortable and easy manner. 


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