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Safe O’Clock is a solution By Industry

ERP systems are considered as the crown jewels of a business and it’s most critical to ensure their security posture.
Safe O’clock is trusted to perform this task by businesses across industries. With 100s of installations across FMCG, Retail, Logistics, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Education and many more.

Any industry, any size, any requirement

Attacks on corporate systems, including SAP systems, can affect organizations from any industry. We help companies from various spheres to stay safe and concentrate on their main activity

Oil and Gas

Safe O'Clock helps oil and gas companies stay protected from attacks by securing critical infrastructures and complying with regulations. Leveraging each SAP system and securing areas such as asset management systems (SAP EAM) reduces the risks that oil and gas companies can face.

We use templates to analyze SAP systems for compliance with all oil and gas industry safety requirements and NERC CIP recommendations. Safe O'Clock takes great care to ensure that only authorized users have access to critical transactions and programs used by the IS-Oil module.

Financial Services

For obvious reasons, attacks on companies in the financial sector are especially common. Our knowledge of SAP systems has enabled us to develop specific protection strategies and check particularly vulnerable areas in banking and finance solutions.

We work with templates for analyzing SAP systems in accordance with the SAP Security for Banking and PCI DSS recommendations. We also check that only authorized users have access to critical transactions and programs used by the IS-Banking module, as well as to credit card data.


Our experience allows us to run comprehensive checks of all types of SAP systems used by retail companies, especially SAP SCM (supply chain management), to identify and eliminate potential risks.

Safe O'Clock works with templates for analyzing SAP systems, taking into account the SAP Security for Retail, PCI DSS, and SOX recommendations. We check that only authorized users have access to critical transactions and programs used by the IS-Retail module and to tables that store credit card data. In addition, we assess risks specific to the supply chain.

Public Sector

Today, public sector organizations and government agencies are often victims of attacks. Although not all incidents are disclosed, the number of data breaches and DoS attacks in the public sector has increased significantly.

Safe O'Clock focuses on all aspects of cybersecurity, from vulnerability management to source code security and segregation of duties. Thus, we can ensure complete protection for our clients in the public sector.


Healthcare providers face many problems today, and one of the key areas of focus here is the security of significant amounts of confidential data.

Safe O'Clock helps healthcare organizations address these challenges and make their work safer and easier. Using our pre-configured templates for the SAP Healthcare module, organizations can assess their systems and identify vulnerabilities.

Technology and Manufacturing

Companies in this sector work hard to create unique solutions. Some of them are a lucrative target for cybercriminals who want to use valuable information for their benefit and profit.

We can help mitigate the security risks that most tech and manufacturing companies face. This is possible with thorough analysis of SAP and other critical systems, like product lifecycle management and production systems. In addition, we make sure that only authorized users have access to critical transactions and programs used by PLM modules.

SAP Security Report provides a detailed overview of SAP security concept considering its 5,000 security notes and collecting recommendations

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