Safe O’Clock is a System-oriented solution - Safe O'Clock

Safe O’Clock is a
System-oriented solution

Attacks on corporate systems, including SAP, have enormous destructive potential. Just one successful attack on a business application can result in third parties gaining unauthorized access to critical information and financial and reputational risks

Any industry, any size, any requirement

We have unique solutions to help businesses of any size grow and prosper. Regardless of which SAP product you prefer, we will tailor a solution specifically for your needs

Issue with
SAP HANA Security?

Essential element of any modern business application

SAP HANA helps you efficiently manage, store, and process critical information, from employee personal data to financial and tax reports, as well as information about material resources. If this system is compromised, critical business processes and data can be disrupted.


Cyber Security Platform for SAP and PeopleSoft

Safe O'Clock provides you with a wide range of checks aimed at identifying security issues specific to SAP HANA systems, including the SAP HANA database and the SAP HANA XS application server.

As a result, all three levels of SAP security are covered: vulnerability management, source code verification for user programs.

Issue with
SAP Business Intelligence?

Aggregation of data

This system is responsible for the analyzing and visualizing of critical corporate data, so it analyzes both conventional and big data imported from other management and accounting systems.

This allows you to build plans for business processes. SAP BI is often chosen by organizations working with industrial control systems, which makes it an extremely tempting target for hackers


Specific checks to analyze your SAP BI system

We have sufficient experience to build a specific strategy for the protection of organizations that use SAP Business Intelligence. Safe O'Clock not only detects existing vulnerabilities in this system but also protects you from potential external and internal threats

Issue with
SAP Customer Relationship Management?

Data related to clients, leads, and contracts

SAP Customer Relationship Management is a part of SAP Business Suite that stores and processes critical business data.
Compromise of this system can result in severe reputational and financial loss to the organization. Because SAP CRM is accessible over the Internet, it is an ideal target for remote attacks.


Identify, analyze, and remediate all SAP security issues

Based on a wealth of experience, Safe O'Clock is the only specific solution on the market that has a wide range of checks designed to detect security issues specific to such systems

Issue with
SAP Human Capital Management?

Storing and processing critical data

SAP HCM is based on components that automate and optimize various processes and functions. Some of them are responsible for management, including organization and staff structure, personnel records, employee benefits, payroll and more. The compromise of this system can disrupt a number of business processes.


All three components of SAP security

The Safe O'Clock platform is a leader in the field of security, which has been confirmed by multiple awards. It can to identify, analyze, and remediate all SAP security issues and provide powerful protection against various cyber threats.

Issue with

Critical corporate data

Many retail companies use SAP SCM in their work. This system is well suited for optimizing supply chain management and defining the optimal use of resources to improve product profitability. Attacks on SAP SCM impose significant risks on logistics management. Since it is managed over the Internet to provide remote access to vendors, it is an easy target for attacks


Deep analysis of all security layers

Safe O’Clock embraces all three areas of SAP security: vulnerability management, source code review for custom programs. Only a comprehensive approach to security can ensure that potential risks are eliminated

Issue with
SAP Supplier Relationship Management?

Interaction and processing

As part of SAP Business Suite, SAP SRM is one of SAP's most popular products worldwide. We use it primarily to streamline supplier interactions and automate bidding processes.


Discover security issues

We offer the only solution on the market that allows you to identify, analyze, and respond any SAP security issues and provides powerful protection against cyber attacks and fraud. It covers all three levels of SAP security: vulnerability management, source code verification for user programs.

SAP Security Report provides a detailed overview of SAP security concept considering its 5,000 security notes and collecting recommendations

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