Safe O’Clock is a solution for any roles - Safe O'Clock

Safe O’Clock is a solution for any roles

Safe O'Clock is based on extensive experience to meet the needs of a wide range of professionals

Any role, any requirement

In a workflow, each role has its own responsibilities as well as its own needs. See how Safe O’Clock Smart Cybersecurity Platform can help professionals of different roles have a comfortable and enjoyable work experience


The most relevant information in one place

Safe O'Clock's SAP Security Manage Module helps CISOs and CTOs monitor SAP security globally and focus on specific issues as needed.

By collecting data from all other modules and giving you the big picture, our solution makes management transparent and holistic. Managers benefit from all the features of the Assess and Response modules.


Save time by seeing key data

The Reports component provides detailed information about the issues identified during project scanning. It can be presented in a convenient format for users of various competence.

You can create HTML report summaries with all the key data for the CEO and other executives.

Our comprehensive and user-friendly reports use diagrams and other visualization techniques to present project results.

Information security specialist

Timely threat detection

The platform provides an excellent opportunity for risk management allowing you to monitor what is happening in the SAP system in real time, even while administrators are working. Safe O’Clock Manage Module will provide the ability to control a variety of processes simply and clearly.

The Safe O'Clock has both scan scheduling and comparison options, as well as SIEM integration. In addition, the neural network that the platform works with cannot be fooled by request encoding if an attack occurs.


Analysis and monitoring

Solution provides an opportunity to get a detailed description of each identified problem. The user will not be left alone with the detected issue - having received a complete description of it, establishing the causes and suggesting possible solutions.

In the work of engineers, great attention is paid to the details of the processes, therefore we offer the opportunity to use many different filters and parameters.

Smart Cybersecruity Platform has a prioritization function and the possibility of various displays, for example Matrix View - for the convenience of corrections. Also, the ability to create tickets for other users with the help of the IMS application makes the remediation process fast and efficient.

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SAP Security Report provides a detailed overview of SAP security concept considering its 5,000 security notes and collecting recommendations

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