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SAP News Overview for February 2023

March 9, 2023

SAP and Icertis successful partnership

Icertis is a contract analytics company empowering its clients with contract lifecycle management (CLM). The company celebrated a year of successful partnership with SAP, adding almost 50 joint clients in 2022.

As part of the cooperation, the companies are looking for contracts to solve serious business problems through digital transformation and also support global brands such as Lufthansa Technik, Mercedes Benz Group AG and others.

This partnership will enable clients to timely detect revenue risks, manage savings, and meet their contract requirements with their SAP solutions.

SAP releases Signavio Process Explorer

At the beginning of the month, SAP announced the release of SAP Signavio Process Explorer. The new solution gives users access to a library of information that combines best practices, benchmarking data and industry processes. This provides customers and partners with best-in-class guidance on how to properly prioritize the next steps in business process optimization projects.

Since SAP acquired Signavio in March 2021, the company has studied and analyzed a huge amount of resources to create a convenient way to deliver them to customers. The release of SAP Signavio Process Explorer marked the orchestrated delivery of knowledge from the many transformation projects implemented by SAP and its partners. Users will have access to resources such as business opportunities and decision maps, metrics, and best practices. In addition, all customers will receive recommendations on SAP products. Such a collection of information will serve as a qualitative basis for further development and adaptation of process models to any individual situation.

Digital transformation with SAP

Today, in the post-pandemic period, organizations are focusing on adopting digital technologies to protect their businesses from unmanageable circumstances. An important step in this process is the preparation for technological changes for employees and the end user – it is to facilitate these processes that the SAP Enable Now digital implementation platform was developed.

Among the advantages of digital technologies, one can single out, for example, that they significantly increase the efficiency of business operations. According to some experts, by 2025, 70% of organizations will use digital adoption platforms to overcome the lack of application user experience. It is also expected that a 10% increase in training duration can double the increase in business value. Therefore, deploying digital adoption solutions as part of a digital transformation strategy is an integral and necessary element to maximize return on investment (ROI).





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