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SAP News Overview for January 2020

February 5, 2020

Alkem Laboratories chooses SAP Ariba solutions

The leading pharmaceutical company in India Alkem chose SAP Ariba solutions to optimize procurement and increase efficiency. SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing portfolio will give Alkem the ability to easily control search processes, enter into contracts, and analyze costs. Also, SAP Ariba tools will enable the company to increase transparency and improve cooperation with suppliers and customers.

Ben Redwine, chief operating officer, SAP Ariba Asia Pacific Japan, commented “Alkem’s unwavering commitment is to make a difference to patients’ lives around the world — a commendable goal we hope to support by accelerating its adoption of Intelligent Spend Management. Our SAP Ariba solutions will help Alkem reduce costs, improve efficiency, increase transparency and encourage supplier collaboration while integrating with existing systems including SAP S/4HANA — which will help the business run better and, in turn, improve more people’s lives.”

A leading Japanese aircraft manufacturer Kawasaki Heavy Industries begins a partnership with SAP

Aerospace Systems Company, a division of Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) now uses the SAP S/4HANA Manufacturing solution. The move to SAP solution is driven by process automation: currently, KHI performs many tasks manually, and still uses paper documents. SAP S/4HANA solutions are designed to accelerate processes by digitizing a huge amount of materials, which will improve work efficiency.

Dr. Akihito Sakai, associate officer, deputy general manager (Gifu plant, SCM & IOT), Manufacturing Division, Aerospace Systems Company, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, said “We recently completed the design work to deliver SAP S/4HANA Manufacturing for centralizing data management at every stage of the manufacturing process, which ultimately aims to drive greater efficiency and business outcomes.”

Building a clean ocean by 2030 is a priority for SAP

SAP has become a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Plastic Action Partnership community. The main goal of the community is to create a clean ocean by 2030, by reducing the use of plastic and moving to alternatives to disposable plastics. Cooperation involves the introduction of new technologies and the optimization of waste management processes.

SAP, in turn, updated the Plastics Cloud, which will expand the companies’ liability policy and motivates them to use recycled materials, as well as monitor waste disposal. Plastics Cloud offers a partnership with a secondary materials marketplace based on Ariba Network. Thus, companies will be able to use recycled plastics and plastic alternatives in packaging.

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