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SAP News Overview for June 2020

July 9, 2020

SAP is developing solutions to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic

SAP Joins Open COVID Pledge and intends to make access to all patents available, at no cost. SAP also made solutions free to businesses. It helps remove barriers to intellectual property and supports the Bringing Citizens Home initiative, designed for people who do not have the means but want to return to their homeland during a pandemic. Together with Deutsche Telekom, SAP is developing an application Corona-Warn App to track contacts with COVID patients. The federal government hopes the application will help stop the virus spread.

SAP is introducing new solutions designed to help companies in the post-pandemic era

Companies faced many threats during the pandemic. In the post-pandemic era, companies are increasingly choosing SAP solutions to provide security and comfort, as well as support employees and customers.

Climate 21 is designed to help customers track the carbon footprint of their products and, if possible, reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Today, the first Climate 21 strategy application called The SAP Product Carbon Footprint Analytics is already available.

SAP also offers Industry Cloud solutions to improve customer and user experience. Industry Cloud includes industry-leading cloud solutions that extend the end-to-end processes of the SAP’s intelligent suite to help lead the customer’s core business in their industries.

With Industry 4.0 SAP is committed to providing innovation to companies involved in the intelligent products design and manufacture. SAP makes supply chain changes and offers innovations that will be relevant from design to operations.

Unified Business Network Strategy aims to increase the effectiveness of cooperation in all processes of the supply chain. A single ecosystem and an open business network will allow companies to digitize business processes involving multiple enterprises to improve visibility and collaboration.

SAP is the leader among enterprise Data Fabric solutions

In a study by Forrester Research Inc. 15 suppliers participated, among which SAP was named the leader in three categories: current offering, strategy, and market presence. SAP is constantly working to improve existing solutions and also offers new market data management capabilities. Today SAP offers the best solutions for the market: SAP Data Intelligence solution, SAP HANA, SAP HANA Cloud and SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite.

“At this time of unprecedented change, businesses acknowledge that the importance of achieving data excellence and relying on trusted information to find the right path forward has never been more important,” said SAP’s Andreas Wesselmann, senior vice president, SAP HANA & Analytics, Data Management. “To help with this goal, we continue to innovate and bring improved data fabric capabilities to help our customers manage complex data environments with confidence and agility. We believe this recognition from Forrester validates the robustness of our end-to-end data management solutions, and how we’re enabling customers to better connect and extract value and insights from data.”

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