SAP News Overview for November 2022 - Safe O'Clock

SAP News Overview for November 2022

December 7, 2022

SAP Global SAP Customer Experience Partner Excellence Awards 2022

The SAP Global LoB Partner Excellence Awards is a recently launched partner recognition program that focuses on SAP’s strategic business priorities for selected business lines including SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Digital Supply Chain, SAP Customer Experience and Intelligent Spend and Business Network.

Recently, SAP has presented six global awards. The awards honored partners for excellence in SAP Customer Experience activities at the SAP Customer Experience LIVE: Exec Connect event in London. The SAP Global SAP Customer Experience Partner Excellence Awards recognize the finalists and winners for their valuable contributions to SAP’s vision of data-driven cloud development and KPIs.

SAP security requirements

SAP systems constantly deal with threats that undermine their security, while full-fledged protection is still quite a complex issue that requires a multi-stage approach. As of November 2022, 1,000 critical vulnerabilities in SAP systems have been reported over the 13 years. In addition, these numbers are likely to only increase, since as systems become more complex, the number of vulnerabilities within them also increases.

For example, one of the challenges of dealing with vulnerabilities is that the application landscape differs from what IT security teams know about, making it difficult to work with security hardening.

In addition, the packages of services and solutions that SAP offers are only expanding, which means that security must be provided at every level of these solutions – which requires much more attention and work. Read more about SAP security at the moment in the article at the link.

Releasing SAP Build

In recent years, organizations have grown weary of the constant need to control an increasing number of applications and organizational and administrative tasks. Managers and administrators often seem overwhelmed by the amount of data and tasks that modern companies face, and SAP solutions help them make organization and control easier and more intuitive.

SAP is proud to present SAP Build, a unified low-code offering built on the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). With it, users can create and complement enterprise applications, as well as automate processes and design business websites using a simple drag-and-drop principle.




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