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SAP Tech News Overview for October 2020

November 5, 2020

SAP acquires marketing firm Emarsys

Enterprise software giant SAP acquires Emarsys, maker of cloud-based marketing platform and customer experience technology. Emarsys products will be added to the SAP Customer Experience portfolio. The expansion of the SAP Customer Experience portfolio will create a new paradigm for digital commerce management based on hyper-personalized omnichannel interactions in real time. The deal is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2020, and the price and other terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Joining forces with SAP, a leading global brand with an ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation in customer experience, is an exciting next step in our evolution. We’re confident that, once we have regulatory approval, our customers and partners will quickly benefit from synergies between the Emarsys platform and the SAP Customer Experience portfolio.

Ohad Hecht, CEO of Emarsys

Global launch of SAP Customer Data Platform 

SAP is launching the Customer Data Platform (CDP), which aims to help organizations integrate customer data in every interaction, from commerce and marketing to sales and service. The Customer Data Platform from SAP is based on Gigya technology. In 2017, SAP acquired Gigya, a provider of identity and access management tools, and at the same time gained more consumer data for cross-channel communication. Since then, SAP has been working to integrate the Gigya identity platform with its cloud-based customer data services.

SAP Customer Data Platform is one of the most advanced enterprise-grade CDPs. It can truly deliver personalized experiences that nurture anonymous users into known, loyal customers using the customer’s preferred channels, unifying vast amounts of front-office, back-office and experience data as only SAP can.

SAP Customer Experience President Bob Stutz

SAP launches Vaccine Collaboration Hub

SAP launches Vaccine Collaboration Hub (VCH) for government and life sciences organizations involved in vaccine development. It will improve the efficiency of supply chain communication between companies, and will help different countries to better coordinate and launch mass vaccination programs faster. Vaccine manufacturers, logistics providers, wholesalers and many other companies involved in vaccination work can run their mission-critical processes using SAP software.

VCH is built on the basis of the already existing global information hub SAP, in which biomedicine and pharmaceutical data is stored in a public cloud, the resource provides a secure and trusted environment necessary for the exchange of data between pharmaceutical companies necessary for the identification of medicines.VCH will support large-scale vaccination and drug distribution programs to help mitigate the impact of future emergencies.

SAP, Roche, and Tenthpin set up an industrial consortium 

SAP, Roche and Tenthpin announced a collaboration to create a healthcare supply chain management system. The companies have come together in an industry consortium and are working together to create an innovative solution. It is imperative for clinical trial organizations to have comprehensive information about changes in demand. This is necessary to ensure the availability of goods, especially during a global pandemic. To meet the needs of life sciences companies, SAP, Roche and Tenthpin have formed an industry consortium that also includes a large number of partners in the biotech industry. SAP, Roche and Tenthpin will develop a next-generation solution based on SAP S / 4HANA and the SAP industrial cloud for healthcare supply chain management.

This partnership represents a milestone in our industry cloud initiative. Together with Roche and Tenthpin, we can now address the specific needs of clinical trial supply management and improve business and ultimately patient outcomes. By gaining greater insights into forecasted demand and clinical site stock levels, the solution will help enable faster clinical supplies cycle times, reduce inventory overage and allow informed decision-making from start to finish.

Peter Maier, president, Industries and Customer Advisory, SAP
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