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SAP News Overview for September 2020

October 1, 2020

SAP.iO Fund invests in German company Jina AI 

SAP recently invested in Jina AI, which is working on a neural search solution. Jina AI is a neural search company that provides cloud-based neural search powered by artificial intelligence and deep learning. Jina’s core product, which is embedded in the cloud, can be deployed in containers and offers worldwide search. 

“As companies accelerate their digital transformations, a clear need has emerged for better, more accurate enterprise search,” said Ram Jambunathan, SAP senior vice president and managing director of SAP.iO.  “We are excited by Jina AI’s potential to provide a highly accurate search solution for SAP customers.”

SAP Ariba Solutions for digitalizing Global Procurement

MOL, Hungary’s leading oil company, has chosen SAP Ariba solutions as its enterprise-wide procurement platform to provide greater transparency and significant cost savings. The energy company’s plan to transform its supply chain includes: Standardizing procurement operations on a single platform in the cloud; improved communication between nearly 200 sourcing professionals and more than 5,000 suppliers, reducing errors; Optimize and automate the management of contracts and purchase orders annually.

In this age of unpredictable disruption, digital platforms provide a solution for managing such complex, global supply chains with agility, efficiency and transparency across the entire end-to-end process, driving cost savings and improved supplier relationships for long-term success.

Chad Crook, senior vice president and global head of Customer Engagement and Adoption, SAP Procurement Solutions

The leader in three ERP 2020 Vendor Assessment Reports from IDC MarketScape

According to three reports from IDC MarketScape, SAP is ranked as a leader among ERP vendors. Globalization is an important strength of SAP. Innovation and automation and optimization technologies were also noted.

SaaS and cloud-enabled ERP systems like SAP S/4HANA are in high demand because they deliver a timely and holistic view into business operations and processes. This is more critical than ever as many navigate turbulent markets.

Mickey North Rizza, IDC program vice of enterprise applications and digital commerce

SAP Security Patch Day for September 2020

SAP released the monthly security patches for its platform on September 8th. The release contained 10 OSS SAP security notes and 6 updates to existing notes. 4 vulnerabilities with the severity rating “very high” or as SAP refers to them, “Hot News”.

Two of the Security Notes are address critical flaws in SAP Marketing – Mobile Channel Servlet (CVE-2020-6320 – improper access control) and NetWeaver (ABAP Server) and ABAP Platform (CVE-2020-6318 – code injection), which feature CVSS scores of 9.6 and 9.1. CVE-2020-6320 allows an authenticated attacker to access restricted functions. The code injection flaw in NetWeaver allows an attacker to take complete control of the application. Thus, the attacker could view, change, or delete data through code injected in memory and executed by the application, or could cause the application to terminate.

SAP strongly recommends that the customer applies patches on a priority to protect their SAP landscape.

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