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SAP News Overview for June 2023

June 29, 2023

VMware implemented SAP Commissions

VMware is an influential software company founded back in 1998. During its existence, the company has significantly influenced the information technology market, creating a wide variety of products and services for virtualization, networking, storage, security and digital workspaces for both large and small companies. At the same time, the sales department is one of the key ones for VMware when working with customers.

In recent years, the number of salespeople at VMware has skyrocketed, but the company hasn’t had a single, well-established way to pay everyone accurately and on time. This was one of the reasons VMware decided to modernize its incentive management tools and processes by implementing SAP Commissions. The solution helps improve the accuracy of payments, make reporting more accurate and easy, and enhance auditing capabilities. As a result, the company successfully implemented SAP Commissions in nine months, a year and a half ahead of the original plan, which included the transition from Oracle to SAP HANA.

SAP is a leader in Governance, Risk, and Compliance

In the latest RiskTech100 rating from Chartis Research, SAP was awarded several awards at once. Among them are the Corporation Award in the Industry category and five wins in the Asset and Inventory Management, Facilities Management and Control, Finance and Accounting – Cross-Industry Support, GRC – Supply Chain Risk and GRC – Supplier and Third Party Risk categories.

“Chartis recognizes SAP’s strong ERP capabilities across the board,” commented Sid Dash, chief researcher at Chartis. “Its strengths, particularly in sectors such as energy and commodities, are crucial to the firm’s overall RiskTech100 performance.”

SAP supports KulturPass initiative

SAP has collaborated with the German government to develop the application. The invented solution was to support the country’s new KulturPass initiative, which was scheduled for release on June 14th. KulturPass is a project that provides free access to culture and the arts for 18 year olds.

Similar programs have already been adopted in a number of other European countries. This program is an initiative of the German government for everyone living in Germany who turns 18 in 2023. As part of the programs, each registered person will receive a credit of 200 euros, which can be used in the application for cultural events. The application developed by SAP includes tickets for concerts, museums, cinemas and theaters, books, music discs and more.

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