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SAP News Overview for October 2023

November 4, 2023

SAP implements artificial intelligence

Many companies today are trying to take advantage of the opportunities that artificial intelligence can bring. SAP recently shared new innovations in the areas of business AI and user experience. 

The updates include comprehensive cost management and business networking solutions designed to control costs, reduce risk and improve productivity. The company spoke about the updates for the first time at SAP Spend Connect Live, the industry’s premier expense management conference.

Among the solutions in which AI technologies will be introduced will be, for example, the SAP Ariba Category Management solution – generative artificial intelligence capabilities will be added to it. With this update, procurement professionals can quickly create comprehensive and effective category strategies. SAP will also introduce Joule, its new second generative AI pilot, to its cloud solutions. The module will be available in expense management software in 2024.

Tata Projects Limited chooses RISE with SAP

Tata Projects Limited is one of the fastest growing procurement and construction companies in India today. Recently it became known that the company began to use RISE with SAP. SAP S/4HANA Cloud solutions through RISE with SAP will help Tata Projects grow with SAP’s advanced cloud technologies in advanced analytics and intelligence. SAP solutions can help simplify complex data sources while maintaining a single source of truth for teams.

“Embracing the cloud is no longer a technological choice, but a strategic imperative,” commented Vinayak Pai, CEO and managing director, Tata Projects. “Cloud solutions from SAP will not just help us transform digitally but also empower our teams to innovate, accelerate project lifecycles, drive efficiency and infuse agility across the board.”

Siemens implements SAP Digital Manufacturing solution 

Siemens Energy, a giant in the field of energy technology, recently announced that it has begun implementing the SAP Digital Manufacturing solution at its factories. It is reported that the new solution will be featured at five plants in Germany, the UK and Mexico. This action represents a turning point for Siemens Energy, as these actions will be the first steps towards the implementation of SAP Digital Manufacturing throughout the company’s global network of plants in the coming years.

“The implementation of SAP Digital Manufacturing at our lighthouse plants marks an important milestone in our digital transformation journey,” commented Kian Mossanen, Chief Information Officer, Siemens Energy. “This collaboration equips us with the tools needed to further enhance our production capabilities and foster a data-driven culture, allowing us to even better support our customers.”

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