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Large enterprises among SAP clients

June 16, 2022

SAP clients include companies of various sizes – from small to large businesses. Among the implementers of this ERP vendor there are also high-profile, world-famous companies, and today we will talk about them more specifically.


The Coca-Cola

So, we will start with a company that almost everyone has heard of – it is The Coca-Cola Company. The beverage giant’s annual revenue is approximately $35.41 billion. The drink, produced in 1886, led to the creation of a huge multinational corporation, which today sells not only the very first drink, but also concentrates and syrups for soft drinks, as well as alcoholic drinks. At the same time, SAP HANA helps the company not only manage production, but also organize the sale and distribution of products in most countries of the world. With the help of SAP products, an organization can control a huge number of employees and an extensive network of suppliers.


Another example is BP which is a world famous British oil and gas company. The company operates in all areas within the oil and gas industry – from production and processing to marketing and power generation. BP has around 18,700 service stations around the world, operating in 80 countries  with the largest division being BP America in the United States. The company is known to use SAP HANA for most corporate tasks, from managing logistics to tracking oil and gas futures.


The company that divided the world into two camps can rightfully be called Apple – you either choose exclusively their products or not. By the way, the tech giant became the first company whose capitalization exceeded 3 trillion US dollars. In terms of software, Apple uses SAP for its App Store, iTunes, online store, and other online store services. A company is known to be a preferred SAP system for its finance and human resources departments. By the way, a number of Apple partners including HP, CitiGroup and Vodafone, also use SAP to manage their internal processes.


Next on our list is 3M, which stands for Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. Giant is a multinational manufacturer based in Minneapolis and operates in a variety of fields including merchandise manufacturing, worker safety, U.S. healthcare. The company’s annual revenue is about $31.66 billion. SAP HANA enables an organization to manage the production and distribution of over 55,000 different products in 65 countries. 


As for the major car manufacturers, Audi, and more specifically Audi AG, also favor SAP. The German-based luxury car manufacturer, headquartered in Germany, is a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group and currently manufactures cars at nine production sites around the world. SAP helps a company to regulate the processes of production and distribution of products in different countries, simplifying and organizing diverse workflows.



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