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Medium and small companies among SAP clients

June 17, 2022

In the last article, we talked about large world-class companies that use SAP products. Today we will talk about less popular companies in the medium and small business segment, the choice of which also fell on the systems of this manufacturer. 



Speaking of electronics manufacturers, we can mention Skullcandy. The Utah-based manufacturer makes affordable audio devices such as headphones, speakers, players, and more. The company is relatively new as it was founded a little less than twenty years ago in 2003 and currently has an annual revenue of about $266.3 million. The company chooses SAP systems to manage product distribution and interact with retailers. This software assists an organization in addressing compliance issues related to public and private funding.


Compared to the previous brand, Rothy’s knitted shoes may have been heard of by fewer people – a special feature of the manufacturer is the use of threads from recycled plastic bottles and recycled materials that were in use for the manufacture of products. The company is developing quite quickly, growing from a small startup into a company with annual income of $140 million in 10 years. Currently, the company offers a line of women’s and men’s shoes, as well as bags.

Aurora Flight Sciences

So, the next SAP user is Aurora Flight Sciences. The Virginia-based company has over $100 million in annual revenue and is engaged in aviation and aeronautics research. It is a subsidiary of Boeing and specializes in the development and construction of unmanned aerial vehicles for special purposes. With the help of SAP, the company manages government contracts and costs; the system helps the company to work with multiple currencies and suppliers around the world.

Mini Melts

As for smaller companies, take Mini Melts Inc. for example. The company is known for its work in the cryogenic granulation industry, making unusual frozen desserts. Based in Connecticut, MiniMelts supplies machines that deliver cryogenic ice cream to customers in over 40 countries. Ice cream in the form of balls has become a kind of revolution in the market, although the company has not yet entered the top world producers of desserts. However, even when working with such a scale, the company needs to manage the work and sales of products, in which it uses SAP systems.


Another not too big, but extremely interesting brand is QALO. The jewelry company quickly grew from $29.4M in 2017 to over $100M by the end of 2018. The brand is interesting because, unlike most competitors, it uses high-strength silicone instead of precious metals. The company was established in 2013 and became the first manufacturer of silicone wedding rings, promoting the convenience and durability of use. The company is said to be using SAP Business One for work processes management and collaborating with over 500 retail partners.



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