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Top 5 ERP vendors besides SAP

June 6, 2022

As everyone knows, the ERP world is not limited to the SAP vendor – on the contrary, the variety among other developers of such software is quite large. Today we will introduce you to the top five other ERP system vendors besides SAP.



One of the most popular vendors for a long time is Oracle. The company has two meanings of cloud ERP products in the form of Oracle Cloud ERP and NetSuite with a high range of cloud ERP capabilities. For example, the popular NetSuite product is a global solution with a variety of operational capabilities. If your company belongs to a small or medium business, this is clearly the solution that you should look at. The vendor’s systems are also preferred by organizations looking for deeper cloud and operational capabilities when using ERP. Global trade management, vendor discounts, and other supply chain-centric options are now available as part of Oracle’s main offering.



Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O and Business Central developed by Microsoft have been provided with appropriate cloud-based features. The company has developed a wide range of enterprise architecture applications. Notably, the vendor outperforms even SAP for its F&O product when it comes to cloud capabilities, thanks to a large pool of generalists, though it has a lot to learn from Oracle. Microsoft also dominates the CRM market, competing with Salesforce.



The Sage ERP system is built in such a way that users can customize the tools according to their needs and have the ability to share information from a single secure database – in other words, the product is great for simplifying workflows and employee communication, providing everyone with information in real time . With this vendor’s software, you’ll be able to see areas for improvement. It is worth noting the popularity of Sage in the accounting community.



Although slightly less common, Epicor provides an excellent versatile product with extensive features. The product was developed with a focus on the needs of manufacturers, distributors, retailers and service providers, whether they are small, medium or large businesses. The vendor offers ERP and retail solutions, as well as integrations for point-of-sale (POS), e-commerce and customer relationship management.



Infor has been taking place among top ERP vendors for more than a decade now. The company’s success has been driven by a product diversity redesign that has been able to address the needs of customers in virtually every industry – for example, the CloudSuite line contains more than a dozen sub-industry options for manufacturing, distribution, field service and consumer products.


This was just a brief overview of the vendors. Well, which one is best suited for your business, it’s up to you.

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