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SAP Security News for November 2019

November 18, 2019

SAP Security Patch Day in November 2019

As it is well known, every second Tuesday of the month, SAP issues patch releases.

For November 2019, the set of security notes consists of 16 items, which is less than the previous month. Each note includes the fixed vulnerabilities discovered in different SAP products. 

The highest CVSS base score for November 2019 is 9.3, which is Hot News by priority. This addresses a Missing Authentication Check vulnerability. 

Four updates out of 16 relate to Missing authorization check vulnerabilities, the most common type of vulnerabilities this month.

In November, the SAP ABAP platform has six vulnerabilities, which is more than in other platforms in this set of security notes. Five security notes refer to JAVA.

Attacks on their systems allow a cyber attacker to catch or change different business-critical information. Therefore, SAP strongly recommends that customers visit the Support Portal and apply patches.

Collaboration to build a secure payment platform

SAP, Accenture, and R3 are collaborating to develop a real-time gross settlement system. It will enable fast and secure payments between banks and clients.

The companies plan to build a distributed ledger technology (DLT) platform, which is interoperable with government-run payment systems. 

The prototype uses the SAP Payment Engine application as the central hub and integrates with R3’s Corda platform to enable interactions with RTGS systems. RTGS systems leverage DLT and secure tokenized payments. This can help banks and payment providers augment the value of investments and improve security.

Newly opened SAP cyber defense center

SAP is adding a cybersecurity innovation lab to its U.S. headquarters.

The cyber defense center will bring cybersecurity functions such as analytics, defensive automation, and cloud security. This initiative is aimed at protecting customers from cyber threats.

The center has plans for 2020 and 2021 to hire nearly 70 people and focuses on universities to build a talent pipeline. Why were the U.S. headquarters chosen? The reason is access to academic, research, and military communities in the area.

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