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Part 1 of SAP implementation mistakes

June 22, 2022

Despite the fact that SAP products (like any other ERP systems) are designed to simplify the life of a company, their implementation is fraught with a number of difficulties, without taking into account which companies can make a number of mistakes. The good news is that all of these mistakes can and should be avoided if you are prepared for them.  We have compiled two compilations of the most common SAP implementation mistakes for you, and today we will look at the first five of them.

Poor planning 

So, the first and most important mistake is poor planning. Broadly speaking, all other difficulties that may arise in the process of implementing SAP systems are somehow related to an incorrect assessment of one’s strengths and goals. The lack of clear planning can lead to confusion and failures at any stage of the implementation of the new system, since its introduction affects many departments at once and, of course, many employees. Of course, the single most important tip that can keep you out of trouble with this is the obvious one, and that is to plan ahead. Finances, implementation stages, various audits – all this needs to be thought out so that there are no unpleasant surprises during the implementation process (or at least they are minimized).

Budgeting failures 

The next most obvious and simple mistake, which also often occurs and goes back to the first point, is inadequate budget planning. This mistake should be singled out in a separate paragraph, since an inadequate assessment of financial capabilities can jeopardize the entire implementation process if the company suddenly realizes that the system does not fit into its budget. Implementing a SAP system is a very costly step and the best advice, again, is to be aware of any costs that may be encountered in the process in advance.

Misjudging your needs

SAP offers a range of different solutions for businesses with different needs. All systems have their own characteristics and are designed for different budgets. The wrong choice of product will lead to a mismatch between needs and offered opportunities, which may lead to unnecessary expenses and the need to expend additional efforts to correct the situation. To avoid this, first make a clear list of your company’s needs in order to understand what requirements the selected solution must meet, be aware of your budget in the future and the possible change in the needs of your business. Then take a close look at SAP’s product line. If you have any doubts, please contact the company representatives for advice. 

Lack of information 

Of course, before introducing any new product, the first step is to get acquainted with the information provided by the manufacturer, but often this is not enough. Do not forget that the main goal of any manufacturer is to sell, and sometimes some nuances can be slightly embellished – for example, the time of the introduction of a new system. In order to find out more about possible hidden difficulties, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with much more information than what the manufacturer himself gives. Find other SAP clients who already have experience with the system you are interested in, find out from them how much time it actually took to implement this or that system, what hidden problems can be expected. 

Trying to do all at once

Another extremely popular mistake (which is actually very common in general) is the desire to grab everything at once. When implementing a new SAP system, companies try to immediately establish all work processes, which ultimately only leads to chaos and slowdown of all processes. In order not to get bogged down in a huge number of implementation-related tasks, you need to properly prioritize and understand which departments and processes need your attention in the first place, what can be delegated, and what can wait.



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