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Popular SAP challenges

July 15, 2022

In addition to the problems that are directly related to security, SAP users may encounter other quite popular problems on a daily basis. Today we will talk about the most common problems that SAP users face while working with the system, and what to do in such situations.

Massive data volumes

The use of redundant amounts of data is perhaps the ubiquitous problem of all users of SAP systems. And the size of the company does not affect here – sooner or later you will most likely encounter difficulties caused by an excessive amount of data, a large amount of which can lead to delays in the system.

Fortunately, SAP itself already has solutions for scaling operations. SAP cloud servers come to the rescue and enable companies to use almost unlimited computing and storage resources.


One popular problem is the intersection of your new SAP system with other systems. This happens when a company uses several different systems for work that have a mismatched set of settings. The problem is that fitting systems for each other requires a lot of time and effort, which, of course, is not very convenient.

The way out in this case can be the use of integration platforms that can ensure the simultaneous uninterrupted operation of different systems so that they do not interfere with each other. Despite the fact that this will require additional financial investment, your work will become more comfortable.

Complex data analysis 

Analyzing complex data models is another challenge faced by SAP users. The processes that run inside systems and the data that SAP systems run on are never simple. It is extremely difficult to analyze and draw conclusions in this case.

The surest way out in this case is to automate the processes responsible for data analysis as much as possible. In addition, you need to make sure that all data entering the analysis is verified and accurate.

Transaction errors

During the transaction, data is generated in a huge amount. In the event that an error occurs in the data during a transaction, in the short term this leads to a large number of unpleasant consequences, ranging from wasted time to dissatisfied customers. 

In order to avoid errors during transactions, it is necessary to carefully check the data before starting the process. In addition, the systems used must guarantee the integrity of the data. Partially in solving this problem, the integration platforms mentioned earlier can also help.


Although this is not a complete list of all the problems that a SAP user faces, attention even to these issues will simplify day-to-day work with the system.




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