SAP News Overview for July 2023 - Safe O'Clock

SAP News Overview for July 2023

July 31, 2023

SAP Advisory Group speaks AI ethics

Last month, the regular meeting of the SAP Advisory Group on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence 2023 was held at SAP headquarters in Walldorf, Germany. 

The recent accelerating capabilities of generative artificial intelligence (AI), as demonstrated in SAP SAPphire Orlando’s demonstration of SAP SuccessFactors Generative AI Solutions in HR Data, for example, has generated strong response from customers, with many expressing a desire to embed these capabilities in their SAP applications. As a result, SAP has set itself the challenge of meeting this demand with native generative AI capabilities. One piece of this complex puzzle is the collaboration with the SAP AI Ethics Advisory Panel.

As early as five years ago, SAP created an advisory group on AI ethics, which included independent experts from academia and industry. The panel, sponsored by Thomas Saueressig, Executive Board Member of SAP SE, SAP Product Engineering, meets twice a year where panelists discuss current AI ethics issues and make predictions. More information about the topics of the meeting can be found at the link.


Lloyd Adams comments GROW with SAP project

In 2023, SAP introduced the new GROW with SAP project. The program offers midsize businesses a set of tools tailored to their unique needs. The solution contains a rich set of features for different aspects of the business, which helps it change the way mid-sized organizations operate. Now, layered growth can become easier and more sustainable.

Recently on the SAP YouTube channel there was an interview with Lloyd Adams, President of SAP North America, in which he talked about Cloud ERP and GROW with SAP. Solutions were discussed at three levels of increasing complexity for three very different audiences.

“GROW with SAP is like that tree house kit: it eliminates the lengthy and costly implementation processes typically associated with business transformation projects. As a cloud-based solution, it also reduces the need for extensive IT infrastructure and maintenance costs,” commented Lloyd Adams.

Cybersecurity leader Gaurav Singh recognized with awards 

Gaurav Singh is a cybersecurity leader, writer, and speaker. In 2023, he received the Cyber Leadership Excellence Award at the Times Business Awards in Lucknow, India. He was recognized in the field of Cyber Security and Privacy with a Gold Trophy at the Globee American Business Awards 2023, demonstrating Singh’s significant contribution to SAP Cyber Security.

Previously, Singh spoke at the SAP Insider 2023 conference in Las Vegas, where his talk “Is What You are doing Good Enough?” was highly appreciated. Publications with his participation were also made in such major publications as SAP Insider Expert.

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