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SAP News Overview for November 2023

December 3, 2023

Airbus choses SAP Integrated Business Planning

Airbus is the latest company to join SAP’s ranks of customers. It was recently announced that the company has selected SAP for industrial planning of its commercial aircraft business.  

Airbus chose SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain to plan current and future aviation programs. SAP Integrated Business Planning is a cloud solution with which a company can improve interaction between sales, delivery and industrial planning teams. Additionally, SAP IBP will provide transparency and actionable insights through user-centric roles and help prioritize tasks and activities.

“Greater visibility and agility are essential elements for companies to achieve supply chain resilience and operate more sustainably, which are among the top priorities for industry leaders today,” said Dominik Metzger, Head of SAP Digital Supply Chain, SAP SE. 

 Hilti Group uses the Circelligence solution

The Hilti Group is a leading global company in providing innovative equipment, software and services to the construction industry. It has become known that the industry leader is using the Circelligence solution to increase the circularity of its resources. The Circelligence tool is based on the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). It is based on the BCG “Circelligence” methodology. With this software, Hilti will be able to maximize the value of raw materials and resources.

“There is no internationally recognized standard for measuring circularity as opposed to, for example, measuring greenhouse gas emissions. So, we created one for our purposes. Ultimately, we wanted to set an example for the industry, not only the construction industry but the broader landscape of any company that’s embarking on the journey of circularity,” commented Caroline Stern, Head of Circular Economy, The Hilti Group. 

The acquisition of LeanIX

SAP SE has completed the acquisition of LeanIX, a leading company in the enterprise architecture management market. The company is engaged in the modernization of the IT landscape and continuous business transformation. One of its products, a software-as-a-service solution, is designed to help clients visualize, measure and manage the transition to a target IT architecture. This acquisition will help SAP create a comprehensive transformation package designed to navigate change and adapt business processes.

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