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SAP for aerospace and defense

May 3, 2023

The aerospace and defense industries are rapidly developing areas of human activity, engaged in the production of weapons systems and defense equipment, aircraft, ships, spacecraft for both public and private organizations. Like any other company, organizations from this sector need to competently and securely store a large amount of data, as well as help in processing a variety of business.

Why SAP 

The aerospace and defense industries are relatively new but fast-growing industries that require stability more than anywhere else. Cost control, planned activity and protection against cyber threats are the main criteria for choosing systems for such companies, and of course, SAP in this case offers a number of solutions that are ideal for closing such needs.

SAP products for aerospace and defense

Since the needs of companies in this sector overlap in many ways with those of manufacturing companies, the solutions recommended by SAP will also be somewhat similar – for example, SAP S / 4HANA Manufacturing for production logistics and supply chain management can be an excellent option.

The development of new ideas and assistance in product development will be possible with SAP Enterprise Product Development, while SAP S/4HANA for product compliance automates compliance throughout the product lifecycle.

Attacks on  aerospace and defense companies 

We have already said that this industry has a lot in common with manufacturing, and attacks on companies from these two sectors can also be similar. Thus, sabotage is one of the most dangerous types of attacks for the aerospace and military industry, the consequences of which can affect both the reputation and financial components of the company, and the personal safety of employees. For example, this can happen when complex equipment fails. DoS attacks, familiar to us from other sectors, are sabotage and can lead to the stagnation of all work processes. In the course of an attack, the system can be disabled for only a short period of time, but this will be enough to lead to enormous losses and the consequences of months of restoration work.

Also, for companies from this sector, industrial espionage is dangerous and relevant, which is also quite common in this environment – after all, any trade secret used by third parties can also cause huge reputational and financial damage to the company.

Precautionary measures

Try to select trusted vendors and also update the system regularly. Also as we said earlier  we recommend to perform regular vulnerability checks. We can also help you provide the necessary level of protection for your SAP system.

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