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SAP for healthcare

December 1, 2022

So, today we will continue to talk about the use of SAP systems in various fields of activity. Now we will discuss the nuances and possibilities of using SAP systems in the healthcare sector.

Why SAP 

Healthcare is a vast field, covering the work of a huge number of institutions and working with a wide variety of information that must be structured, accurate and available at any time. SAP Healthcare is an excellent solution for organizations in this field, providing quick access to all healthcare and clinical providers from a single integrated system. It also makes it easier for organizations to process patient data and manage their finances at the same time. The solution will help provide higher quality services and provide organizations and patients with a better level of services.

SAP products for healthcare 

As for specific solutions, SAP ERP and SAP Patient Management and SAP Cerner are most suitable for healthcare. is a hospital information system fully integrated with SAP for Healthcare, displaying both the patient’s clinical experience and administrative data. In addition, for administrative tasks, users often choose SAP Patient Management. The combination of convenient work with administrative processes and timely billing for hospital services, coupled with cost control, help to resolve ongoing cases of healthcare organizations comfortably and quickly.

Attacks on healthcare organizations 

Since healthcare organizations are constantly working with a large amount of data, hacking and data leakage attacks are one of the main problems of the sector. And there are several options here. 

One of the popular attacks is phishing, in which a gullible employee should click on a dangerous link in order to give the attacker access to critical data.This is a fairly common attack in other areas, but in the field of healthcare, data leakage is especially critical, since not only data about the organization and the employees themselves are at risk, but also information about patients who have ever been and are on treatment.

The next common data privacy attack is the ransomware attack. With it, the data in the system is encrypted, and the attacker demands a ransom for restoring the data. Otherwise, the organization risks permanently losing all encrypted data, which threatens reputational and financial risk.

Another dangerous attack, despite its smaller distribution, is the insider threat. In her case, the attacker is one of the employees who has access to confidential information and wants to use the access for their own purposes. Often this happens if access to particularly sensitive data is provided to employees who do not work directly with this information.

Precautionary measures

Employee awareness and limited access to critical data can greatly help to avoid all these problems, but do not forget about timely system testing and updating. We can also help you provide the necessary level of protection for your SAP system.




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