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SAP security books

April 1, 2022

Specialized literature can help specialists working with BRT systems to gain structured knowledge on security and risk management of these systems. Today we will present you a selection of books from different years that can guide you in the main issues of SAP security.

‘SAP Security and Authorizations: Risk Management and Compliance with Legal Regulations in the SAP Environment’ by Mario Linkies

Despite the fact that the book is quite old, it describes in an accessible way the basic approaches to ensuring security and eliminating risks when working with SAP systems. Although much of the technical data presented in the book has lost relevance, the general approach to security and explanations of cause and effect relationships distinguish the work even among newer books on the topic. The book is not intended for a novice user, however, it will be a good basic condition for specialists with basic knowledge of SAP systems.

‘SAP HANA Security Guide’ by Jonathan Haun

It covers the security issues of the SAP HANA database and application development platform. The book is a security guide describing a variety of options, including privileges, encryption, and more, as well as how to protect database objects. The reader will also learn about authentication and certificate management in detail, and then learn how to enable auditing and security tracking.

‘A Practical Guide to Cybersecurity in SAP’ by Julie Hallett

The author breaks down the cybersecurity of SAP systems into individual elements. Each of them requires the adoption of measures that must be implemented in existing security systems. The book describes how SAP security integrates with cybersecurity initiatives in an organization and how to implement a security framework in SAP. The book is a professional guide for SAP managers, architects and security professionals. The book reveals the main characteristics of an SAP cybersecurity program, what security structures are used for, and explains how to assess and understand the risks of SAP systems.

‘GDPR and SAP: Data Privacy with SAP Business Suite and SAP S/4HANA’

It is a fairly recent publication that will help the reader develop and implement a privacy policy for their company. It is very important that such a policy can not only protect your data, but also comply with the GDPR. The book will teach the reader how to lock and delete data, how to implement targeted processing, and how to define data access levels within a SAP system. In addition, you will learn from the book which additional applications and platforms can be used to provide multi-layered security for your system.

Surely, you will find the following book useful if you are a Basis administrator and want to protect your SAP system as much as possible. The  ‘SAP System Security Guide’ edition covers SAP security issues from identity management and provisioning to network and server security. Plus, you’ll learn everything you need to detect internal and external threats, protect against vulnerabilities, and conduct security audits.


These books will give you a general view of the security issues of SAP systems and help you better understand this topic. After all, the list of books is constantly updated, new interesting research in the field of SAP security is constantly being released, so we advise you to keep an eye on new releases.

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