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Top 6 ERP-related resources

May 25, 2022


If you work with ERP systems, you might be interested in a selection of resources on this topic. In our new post, we will talk about the most notable blogs and websites on the topic of ERP systems to introduce you to the most useful sources.


ERP In News

ERP In News is the first in line. As the resource declares itself, ERP In News, or EIN, is a team of experts in the field of ERP, striving to make life easier for other professionals in the field. If you have little time to get acquainted with the news or you are lost in a stormy flow of information, the portal has already compiled for you a selection of the most relevant and important news on the ERP topic.


Top10erp​.org has been operating since 2008 being an independent and unbiased ERP software decision support service. The platform is the result of a collaboration of a range of professionals – from web designers to ERP software experts. So if the question of choosing an ERP system that will transform the work of your business is relevant to you at the moment, pay attention to this platform. The disadvantages of the resource, unfortunately, include the narrow localization of its services, limited to the United States and Canada. The platform also provides a limited range of services for a number of regions such as the UK and Australia.

EdTech Blog 

Academia by Serosoft is at the forefront of educational software and belongs to the 50-year-old Hindustan group of companies. The company also maintains a blog where you can find articles not only on general education topics, but also on ERP for Education, ERP for Universities and Colleges, and other related topics.

ERP News

As simple as it sounds, ERP News is one of the largest news portals covering the most up-to-date news about ERP solutions. Working for more than ten years, the resource has brought together different specialists – engineers, consultants and marketers to share world news in the field, as well as success stories of companies. Materials for different industries are sorted into different categories, which allows you to most conveniently get acquainted with the news that you are interested in. The site also has a column with videos and announcements of events in the field.

Sage Intacct Blog

As you can see by now, many developers have themed blogs on their spies, and some of them can be especially noteworthy.  Sage Intacct is a company that helps financers run their business and improve efficiency through process automation. The company actively maintains a blog on its website, where it covers both general issues related to business strategies and best practices in ERP, accounting software, and financial management.

Lumenia Insights 

Lumenia is a specialized management consulting organization. The company works on developing business systems strategies and selecting enterprise ERP and CRM systems. Like others, the company maintains a corporate blog with thematic posts, but the most interesting thing is that the comparative site has an ERP cost calculator – a form, fill in which you will receive cost advice from the company’s specialists in a short time. 

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